UEC Philanthropy and Community Service

United Exchange Corp. has been recognized as a good corporate citizen and valued community service provider in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. We’ve earned this title with contributions and involvement in public school scholarship programs and donations to local business development, our troops overseas, communities in disadvantaged countries and shelter programs for women and children.

somang society

UEC has been wholeheartedly supporting Somang Society for over 10 years. We supply support and products for fundraising and for distribution to the community.

The mission of Somang (Hope) Society is to educate and enlighten the community about the final stages of life and preparation of death.

UEC also fully supports The Water For Life Program – 1.1 Billion people do not have clean, drinking water. 3 million children die annually from water-born epidemics. That’s 1 child every 8 seconds. 

Our project is simple: to build water wells in areas of developing countries where local people are deprived of clean water. One well serves a village of 4,000 for up to 21 years! http://www.somangsociety.org/




UEC has been supplying products to For The Troops since 2013. UEC provides personal care items like eye drops, nasal spray, and much more for our men and women serving bravely overseas at no cost to them or the organization.

“UEC has been AMAZING! You have donated a variety of items such as toothbrushes, medicated wipes, eye drops, nasal spray, and ointments. These are items that our troops often are unable to obtain on their own, especially if they are in remote areas. These products have greatly enhanced the ‘We Care’ packages we are sending. Thank you! Your continued support is invaluable to us”.
-Paula Cornell, Jackie Josephson, Co-Founders of For The Troops

About the Organization:

For The Troops is a grass rooted, 100% all volunteer, California 501 non-profit organization that sends care packages to our military personnel throughout the year to our military personnel in Afghanistan and wherever our troops are in harm’s way. http://www.forthetroops.org/


UEC’s Founders have helped launch the UCI Antrepreneur Center and Blackstone Launch Pad Program in 2014. The goal of this program is to open educate, encourage and foster the growth of emerging student entrepreneurs. By guiding students to pursue their ideas and follow their dreams constructively, a foundation is laid to help pave the path for these future business owners.

UEC also supports…