Since 1993 UEC has specialized in sales, marketing and distribution of control and private label products in Health & Beauty Aid (HBA) and Household Care categories throughout the U.S., Pacific Asia, and Latin America regions.

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Wholesale Beauty, Health and Personal Products

United Exchange Corporation (UEC) is a privately owned corporation established in 1993. UEC specializes in sales, marketing and distribution of control and private label products in Health & Beauty Aid (HBA) and Household Care categories throughout the U.S., Pacific Asia, and Latin America regions. Our manufacturing facilities in various locations can serve our customers in need of high quality products, profitable margins, and consistent supplies.

Our product design and package development team can help you turn your private label brand concepts into successful marketing results.

Our dedicated commitment to delivering quality-driven, value-priced HBA products will guarantee a successful retail program.

  • Bath & Body Care

    We offer a full line of high quality national brand equivalent bar soaps and deodorant sticks. Our bar soaps use vegetable oil based soap chips to make the products more gentle to the skin. Our formulators have perfected the way our products look, smell, and perform to meet or exceed the national brand standards.

  • First Aid Care

    We offer a complete solution in first aid, ranging from basic wound care bandages to first aid kits. UEC bandages come in a wide variety of choices and sizes, from kid’s fun design bandages to waterproof and antibiotic applications. Our bandages compete head-to-head with brands such as Johnson & Johnson.

  • Hair Care

    Why buy expensive brand name hair colors? The high price of expensive brands is merely due to the exorbitant cost of brand marketing and advertising campaigns. Our permanent hair colors for both women and men equal the performance of brand name hair colors at a fraction of brand name prices. We use high quality ammonia-free formulations to seal in rich, natural hair color and shine.

  • OTC - Eye & Nasal Care

    Our eye drops and nasal spray are 100% national brand equivalent products and fully approved by the U.S. FDA. We offer Visine type formulations (including redness removal and moisturizing) as well as Afrin type decongestant nasal sprays. All of our products are sterile and safety sealed for extra protection.

  • OTC – Ointments

    Our national brand equivalent topical ointments and creams serve a wide variety of needs, including anti-itch, anti-fungal, antibiotic, as well as muscle and hemorrhoid pain relief. All of our tubes are safety sealed for your protection.

  • Pain Relief Care

    As the country’s largest supplier of private brand pain relief patches, we offer a comprehensive selection of topical pain relievers to soothe muscle and joint aches, backaches, muscle cramps and arthritis. Our pain patch line includes adhesive pads with FDA approved pain relieving active ingredients applied directly onto the site of the pain. Our muscle rubs and creams provide deep penetrating pain relief.

  • Personal and Feminine Wipes and Pads

    UEC offers a convenient solution for both personal and feminine hygiene needs, including baby and travel wipes, feminine wipes, bath wipes, incontinence pads and adult diapers, and nursing breast pads. Our products offer a great combination of value and performance.

  • Pet Care

    Pet owners love our pet training pads and cleaning wipes for their dogs and cats. The super absorbent training pads are ideal for housebreaking your puppy, geriatric dogs with loss of bladder control, confined dogs that are convalescing, and protecting the home carpet and flooring. The pet wipes are ideal for quick and convenient cleaning when baths are not possible. The wipes are made from soft, cloth-like material with a mild cleansing solution containing aloe and vitamin E.

  • Beauty Care

    Beautify yourself without breaking the bank! Our high quality but value oriented facial and skin care products provide you with a cleaner, softer, and smoother appearance. We have products that meet most cosmetic demands of today’s young and aging population, including products for skin cleansing and exfoliation, skin moisturizing and conditioning, and anti-acne and anti-aging solutions.